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  NO surgery  •  NO cover ups​   •  NO wigs  •  NO adhesive  •  No caps   •  NO drugs
  NO extensions​​​​  •  NO lifestyle limitations

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Pump up the volume by 400% in one hour.

HAIR EXTENSION FILLERS designed for men and women with thinning hair who would like more volume without hair replacement or surgery.


Man-made hair that is designed specifically for men and women with active lifestyles. The hair is made with advance technology to create hair that is stronger, more durable, softer and lighter in weight.  

By using a special technique, the natural hair follicle on your growing hair is used as a microscopic anchor.  In our process we secure the 4 new strands of our hair extension fillers that we provide to one strand of your own growing hair without the use of adhesive tapes or surgery.

Now finally 4HAIRPLUS provides this unique service that is available for clients with thinning hair. This process instantly increases the density of a single growing hair by 400 %. It’s quick, easy and safe

For those who qualify, this process can be repeated multiple times for thick, beautiful hair. You can get up to 700 additional strands of hair in just one hour! Men and women with thinning or fine hair are great candidates for our service. We need to work with hair that is in relatively good condition and at least 1½ inches in length.  However, anyone who has undergone a hair transplant but wants more hair without having more surgery would benefit greatly using our hair extension fillers. Finally the only solution for fuller and thicker hair for your top and crown area. Our unique process is completely discrete and provides our clients with complete privacy.

4HAIRPLUS is providing the service directly to customers in salons or in private homes.