About  Hair Extension Filler and New Process.
New process which links a single strand of your own growing hair with 4 new strands of hair extension fillers (that we provide), instantly increasing the density of a single growing hair by 400%. The most attractive feature about this process is that it’s not a cover-up or a drastic hair replacement option needed

How it's attached to single strand of my own growing hair?
Your own growing hair has a cuticle. We use this cuticle as a microscopic anchor and 4 new strands of hair extension fillers are secured directly to your own growing hair without use of adhesive, tapes or surgery. It’s quick, painless, easy and safe.

​Who is the best candidate for Hair Extension Fillers?
Men and women with thinning or fine hair are great candidates for our new hair extension fillers. We need to work with hair that is in relatively good condition and at least 1 and 1/2 inches long. However, anyone who has undergone a hair transplant but wants more hair without having more surgery would benefit greatly.

How long the procedure will take? 
Time is based on how thin your hair is and how big is the area you will like to cover. The time may vary from 45 min to 120 min.

Is there any restriction on activity?
No. You do not have to alter your lifestyle a bit. In fact, with a great looking, fuller head of hair, you may even find that you’ll want to be more active than you are now. The new hair extension fillers we link to your own hair actually become s a part of you and is designed to complement your lifestyle and activities. Your technician can advise you on any specific questions regarding your individual concerns.

How often do you need to come for service?
Because average hair growth is approx. 1/2'' per month, the attached hair is lengthening at the same rate.... to maintain your full volume of hair and achieve your best look 5 to 8 weeks is an appropriate schedule to give you the  best look  that is necessary.

If you desire, you can use the service once to experience the unique look
of fuller hair, it is completely up to your discretion.
After your first installation you are always welcomed back every 5 to 8 weeks  for maintenance or for any special occasion you may have.

What about hair care?
Daily shampooing and conditioning are necessary for you to look your best.