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At 4HAIRPLUS  we use a non-surgical method to fill in  thinning areas and help  you to  deal with your hair loss situation.

We understand how important the trust of our clients is and we respect their wishes with the strictest confidentiality. All of your information is for our use only and will never be shared with an outside party. Also, any contact we would have with our clients is always conducted in private consultation room. With us, you can feel sure that your personal business will remain personal.

Call today for a free, no obligation consultation. 

We know that this is a very personal decision that shouldn't be entered into lightly. Let us explain your options and answer any questions you might have.

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Margaret Taranto
Consultant/ Stylist/Technician

Tel: 201-245-2548


1. How long have you been losing your?
2. Is the scalp visible in the area where you have lost your hair?
3. Does your scalp ever flake?
4. How would you rate your current rate of hair loss?
5. Have you ever tried to do anything about your hairloss?
6. Have you ever seen a doctor about your hairloss?
7. Which picture best discribes your hair loss situation?
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OPTIONAL ONLY!! If you would like to upload a photo of your hair please feel free to use our Upload browser.
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