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  NO surgery  •  NO cover ups​   •  NO wigs  •  NO adhesive  •  No caps   •  NO drugs
  NO extensions​​​​  •  NO lifestyle limitations

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Pump the volume by 400% in one hour.

HAIR EXTENSION FILLER finally the only solution for fuller and thicker hair. Now we are offer new hair extension filler- the smallest and lightest in weight hair that on market today (cyber hair). 

For men and women with thinning hair who would like more volume without hair replacement or  surgery now finally  4HAIRPLUS  provides  this unique service that is available for clients with thinning hair. In our process we secure the 4 new strands of our hair extension fillers that we provide to one strand of your own growing hair without the use of adhesive tapes or surgery. This process instantly increases the density of a single growing hair by 400 %.

For those who qualify, this process can be repeated multiple times for thick, beautiful hair. You can get up to 700 additional strands of hair in just one hour!For over 18 years this service has been a solution for thousands of people throughout Europe and Asia and now is available for the first time in the United States.  Man and woman with thinning or fine hair are great candidates for our service. We need to work with hair that is in relatively good condition and at least 1 and ½ inches long. However, anyone who has undergone a hair transplant but wants more hair without having more surgery would benefit greatly using our hair extension filler.

4HAIRPLUS is providing the service directly to customers in salons or in private homes.



Hi Margaret
I'm a 48 year old sales manager and for the past few years I have been extremely bothered by my thinning hair even my self confidence was going down hill. Since I have started having New Hair installed my confidence is back, love to look in the mirror and I even feel healthier. My co workers look at me as if to
say what did you have done but I won't tell them, I'll keep them in suspense. Love the look...

​​​Nicole, Saddle River NJ

Dear Margaret,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for my full body of hair.  T​he compliments just keep coming from family and friends.  I honestly feel like a new woman.​

Anna, New York N Y

I need to tell you that all my friends and family couldn't believe how good and how much younger I look now. They all think I had plastic surgery, but ​no one said I had anything done with my hair. I love it!!!!
You changed my life! I  meet more girls now, not sure if is the hair or my confidence?​ I think it's a little of and my hair

Can't wait for Spring to drive my convertible...

Tim, Stamford CT